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What a bassoon sounds like
This is, perhaps, one of the most debatable topics as far bassoon playing is concerned. In fact, there are whole theories upon this debate. So, in an effort to not get hate-mail, I will simply narrow it down to two types of modern bassoons--the French bassoon and the German bassoon. The French bassoon is, obviously enough, primarily played in France. The German bassoon is, by far, a more worldly played instrument and, in regard to this fact, is what this part of my web site will be dedicated to.
On the German bassoon, there are many different tones, styles, feelings and colours. These are just a few: Buzzy, reedy, dark, mello, old-school, growly, "east-coast," hacksaw, tubby, jazz (Michael Rabinowitz), flippery, edgy, versatile, stuffy, cotton-ish, metallic (believe it or not!), plastic, anemic, powerful, hissy (yes, flutes aren't the only ones with problems focusing their air...), continuo-istic (like in Handel's Water Music) and--off the top of my head--- happy, funny, joyful, mystere, impending and...umm...melancholy.
Unfortunately, I do not have the software to put CD-excerpts on here--yet. If possible, I would love to be able to gather together many different CD's and compare sounds and the like. If you have any suggestions please e-mail me.
This is just me...playing an excerpt from Peppercorn's Symphony No.3 "Jubilation"
This is a recording of Judy Le Clair of the New York Philharmonic. Her shrill voice seems to float above the Orchestra like a tenor in an Opera. The excerpt isTchaikovsky, Symphony No. 2, "Little Russian"
Recording except of Christopher Millard--A nice, loud march.
Recording except of Christopher Millard--Dramatic!!
Recording except of Christopher Millard and a flute player--Kinda goofy....hehe

I want to but some CD excerpts in here..Including our bassoon band's performance at the Iowa Bandmaster's Association. I need to learn how though..