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The following works consist of 5 haikus and 2 variously themed compositions.

Three Haikus

“My Love's Better Feature”
March 1999

What is the nature
Of my loves better feature?
So fine a creature!

The stars in her eyes?
The volcanoes in her sighs?
The hills on her thighs?

No! It is the brain!
More keener than a lion-
Bigger than his mane.

Two Haikus
“The Sky”
March 1999

High desolate sky
Speckled with diamonds that spy
On our eyes so dry.

That we wish for rain
But without the clouds to stain
Our view of the sky.

"Lost-Then Found"
Spring 1996 (Earliest work ever found)

I can say I was lost long ago.
I used to think but now I know,
In which I came, not in fame-
In power but lame and same.
I couldn't walk nor talk,
But what I could do was crawl and draw
And mock, mock, mock!
When I was lost I didn't care,
You could tell by my exploring eyes
Which had a strange stare.
But there came a point in every day,
That when I had to go away,
I'd shut my eyes and my dreams would come-
In other words, fall asleep for some.
But now I'm found,
And making sound.
I can't say that I will go back to being lost,
But I can declare: I like being found!

Two Quatrains
March 1999

To suckle that bosom I would be delighted.
Truer more, I would be excited-
Then to see it from plain sight
And have to dream of it every night!

Honestly, what is her meaning
When she makes my face gleaming
With awesome thoughts merely seeming
To make me feel I am dreaming?