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This page may contain valuable information regarding the comprehension of these works.

Journaled & Unjournaled Works

The "Journaled" and Unjournaled Works" section is comprised of 55 sonnets and 9 free-formed/untilted works written around 1996-2000. The earlier works in this section (most from 1997) are nothing special. It's not until "XLI," written almost exactly a year after "XL," that a genuine complexity of language and romantic nuance comes into play. Most of the works found in this section seem to spell out the onset of puberty and various other frustrations. Basically, with most people that age, the story is summed up in one word: Infatuation. Nearly four years after all this begins this question is finally asked in "L"

The only work out of this collection that is officially published is "Nautical Suitor-XLIV"  (© 2001 Watermark Press).

Smaller Works

The "Smaller Works" collection consists of 5 haikus and 2 variously themed compositions. "Lost-Then Found" is the earliest work ever found. Written at age 10, the piece is unburdened of the frustrations that await the subject only two years into the future. The Quatrains and Haikus were turned in as class assignments.

Larger Works

The "Larger Works" section consists of 1 Eulogy and 3 variously themed writings. If there is any work here that I would suggest for reading it would definitely have to be the Eulogy dedicated to grandmother Clara Jenkins. Its words seemed to come from somewhere beyond--especially for a piece written in the winter of 1999. "Dacus Potentia" is, simply said, another "frustration" poem--where there is actual contemplation of suicide! "The Summit" is based upon the condemnation of the stupidly-powerful and popular. "She Loves Me--She Loves Me Not" seems to reek more of childish infatuation than of "love."


1996- 12-years-old (Elementry School)
1997- 13-years-old (Middle School) Beginning of Sonnets and "frustration" poems.
1998- 14-years-old (Beginning of musical compositions) "Pre-Romantic" works.
1999- 15-years-old (High School) "Romantic" works and death of Grandmother.
2000- 16-years-old  (Complete transition to musical compositions)

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